EOC5002 : 10G LR Transceiver

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EOC5002 : 10G LR Transceiver

10G LR Transceiver 最大偏置电流120mA,最大调制电流92mApp,集成自动功率控制环路,可编程 TX眼图调整和输入均衡器,上升下降时间可编程; RX输入灵敏度5mVppd(14Gbps),LOS阈值可调整,RX输出摆幅可编程。

Maximum bias current = 120mA;Maximum modulation current into 15Ω differential TOSA = 92mApp,Integrated closed-loop Automatic Power Control (APC),

Programmable TX eye shaping features and input equalization,Programmable rise/fall times,RX sensitivity at14Gbps = 5mVppd,Adjustable loss of signal detect threshold,

Programmable RX output swing.